The Institute for Words & Pictures
Released May 20th, 2005. CalArts, Valencia

Moods: Another side of life that affects everyone no matter who they are or what they earn is the mood they happen to be in at any given time. It's unescapable and can turn our day from an enjoyable one to an absolutely miserable one seemingly at the flip of a coin. The interesting side to this is you can actually influence what your mood is going to be or is right now, as it's happening.
Be Happy: There's nothing quite like feeling happy. Happiness is a wonderful experience and do you know it is merely just another facet of a person's mood? Did you also know that it can be changed almost as if on cue by simply altering whatever it is that's going on inside your head? Yes it can! You can choose your mood by switching your thoughts to whatever it is that will give you the feelings and emotions that match the mood you want to experience. It may sound like hocum pocum but it's actually quite true. If you don't believe me, try it for yourself at least once. If you're feeling glum and unhappy but you would much rather feel happy, get a picture in your mind of a time or an experience that happened in your recent past that made you feel incredibly happy. Fix that image or mental "video" in your mind and play it over a few times. In no time at all, you'll suddenly realize that you're smiling to yoruself and the world seems a better place. -